Days Of Difficulty

Recently, in spending some time with the Lord, He began speaking to my heart in regard to a number of things that He is preparing to address His church about this year. Now, I’m talking not just the church here in America, but also the church globally. We all know that these are days of difficulty. Many believers are experiencing difficulty in finding true worship, difficulty in finding the time to be together with the redeemed people of God, and difficulty in finding a God-sent pastor to help shepherd their households. Even pastors are finding it more and more difficult to shepherd their flocks.

Clearly, days of difficulty are also upon our nation. Days of difficulty have entered into our land and also all across the globe. This difficulty is being seen and experienced on all fronts. Political fronts. Economic fronts. Social fronts. A great number of Christians have expressed difficulty in navigating even spiritual and supernatural fronts. Satan, who is our mortal adversary, has ratcheted up his activities ten-fold in the last two years.

But the Lord is saying to His church, the true church that walks on the straight and narrow path, the true church that has chosen to deny themselves for the cause of Jesus Christ, the true church that has laid down the things of the world and the love of the things of now, to this church the Lord is saying that He will grace us in this hour. There is great grace available to those of us who have chosen to willingly lay down our love for the things of the present and things of this worldly kingdom and have fixed our eyes and our ears and our minds on the Kingdom of God.

It is clear that God is not only pouring out great grace in this hour, but that He is also preparing to pour out a new and fresh anointing in 2012. The true church so badly needs a new refreshing. This powerful anointing of God will cause us to rise up and break through all these various difficulties, through these waves of opposition, and through all of that which withstands us in this hour. These difficulties will not wear us down, nor will the Lord allow us to become worn out in these crucial times. We must continually draw close to Him and His plans.

I believe that God is exhorting His church to not give in and not give up, and that this is not the time for failing and failure. With every new and fresh anointing, the Lord raises us up a little higher so that in times of adversity and difficulty we are able to continually walk in the fullness of all that He has prepared for us. Even the Biblical promises that we’ve read about, the promises we’ve preached about and have heard preached about and the prophecies that have come through God’s men and women, will be ours for the taking. Modern-day prophets in this day are waiting on God and are being prepared to come forth on our watch. We will see those promises come to pass, and we will greatly enjoy them as we walk them out with God’s strength.

But the Lord is also admonishing His true church in this nation to obey and heed the words of our spiritual leaders. It is so important that we obey and heed the words of the prophets and preachers that stand in the holy pulpit. The Lord has given His spokespersons words to say to us, words and directives that we are to pray out and observe and obey. When true preachers preach, it is not by their own strength, but it is by the anointing of Heaven, for it is God that sends them. We should never become so familiar with our spiritual leaders that we diminish or neglect the words from Heaven which they have been entrusted with to deliver to us. As our preachers are faithful to hear from God, let us strive to be faithful to hear from them.

Finally, I believe the Lord wants us to make sure we don’t find ourselves in a place where we are judging and examining the flaws of His servants. We must trust that God will deal with his sent ones accordingly in this hour, if need be, and that we are to keep our eyes on Jesus Christ. I believe that if we wisely and thoughtfully heed the voices of God’s prophets and preachers, we will prosper. These are the days of the shepherd and the gathering together of the elect and the remnant of Christ. These are also the days of the leaders of God being persecuted for their beliefs and for their faith. But I believe that God wants us to know that He will powerfully anoint us in these days of difficulty, and that He will bring us victoriously through these present times. Of course, victory can only be ours when we lose our love and our lust for this world and this natural kingdom.

If we count the cost and pay the price and be found in Him, we will undoubtedly walk in the greatest days that the earth has ever known. We will arise and shine and we’ll be the sons and daughters of God that He has called and destined for us to be. Even though these are days of difficulty, I believe that God is declaring unto His true church that is will be days of divine deliverance. We believe and receive this in Jesus’ mighty Name.