State Of The Church

Having spent the last three days with over two dozen ministers, many of them senior pastors, at Kenneth W. Hagin and Lynette Hagin living faith crusade, I felt it important to share these observations which came out of the numerous meals, meetings, services, and times of fellowship that we had with one another. There was a clear consensus that many of these problems were negatively impacting churches of all sizes:

1. Churchgoers priorities have shifted from finding a church that “preaches the Word” to now finding a church that “makes them feel good.”

2. This new emphasis on “me” church has resulted in a natural distaste for sound doctrine, and the collateral damage of this “me” movement has yet to be realized in its entirety.

3. Without exception, every pastor stated that veteran, elect believers within their churches were succumbing to deception in these times. In many cases, church leaders have developed “anti-visions” that are handicapping the overall church vision, resulting in once faithful church leaders unhooking from their pastor’s vision.

4. There is a blatant Antichrist spirit assaulting the church at this present time that many pastors have identified but their people refuse to see. This spirit is eroding the conduct and morality of Christians through today’s “lascivious grace” messages, resulting in sin, backsliding, and broken marriages. Furthermore, this “lawless grace” message is being peddled from the pulpits of America’s top television preacher personalities.

5. There has been rampant misinterpretation and misapplication of prophecy, both biblical and personal. Churchgoers are attempting to reveal prophecy for themselves rather than letting God unfold His own plan.

6. The unabated and uncontested spread of “entertainment church” is only serving to breed believers that crave entertainment, and this “tickling ears” entertainment is masquerading as God’s presence.

7. Today’s churches are no longer deemed successful if they are holy, praying, persecuted and pursuing the Holy Spirit. Tragically, they are now deemed successful if they have been labeled as such by the world and celebrated by the wicked.

Please repost and share this information as much as possible in the hopes that we can benefit and warn believers everywhere in these last days.