An Assault On God’s House

Sheep and shepherds are under attack. Pastors everywhere are telling me that the adversary has ramped it up and is relentlessly assaulting both them and their people. I just spent 3 days with pastors from all over the country and their story is the same: the frequency of the attacks are increasing, the intensity of the attacks are increasing, and the scope of the attacks are increasing. Satan is peeling believers away from their pastors and their churches though lies and offenses. He is doing this to divide us. He does this because Jesus said that every house divided against itself will fall. He does this because he knows there will be nothing impossible for us when we are unified and undivided. It’s astounding so many can’t see this.

Satan is manipulating believers by twisting and distorting God’s Word. When a churchgoer directs their anger or frustration at their pastor undeservedly, it demonstrates they have become blinded by deception. And a deceived person doesn’t know they’re deceived because they’re deceived. We have to quit acting like this isn’t happening. It is happening, real time, and it’s stopping our forward progress. When a Christian sets another Christian in their crosshairs for whatever reason, it proves they’ve fallen prey to the enemy’s devices. Paul told us that our battle is not against flesh and blood but rather against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. It’s tragic so many won’t see this.

Sheep and shepherds, we have to reengage. We have to refocus. Eternity is waiting on us. Pastors, we have been delivered from the people so that we might be sent back to the people, to preach and prophesy and proclaim the Word of God so that these same peoples’ eyes might be opened and they might receive their inheritance by faith. Sheep, unless your pastor is doing something illegal, unethical, or immoral, get behind them and put your shoulder to the vision and serve along side them and make a difference. Let’s make a commitment together to quit sheep trading and fishing out of one another’s ponds and let’s get our eyes upon the harvest as Jesus encouraged us. There are so many unsaved still among us.

Sheep and shepherds are under attack, but, praise God, we can resist the devil and he will flee from us. We can do this thing … together.