Discovering God’s Will

I am a huge advocate of discovering and implementing God’s will in every area of my life. Here is the process that I’ve stuck to through the years, and it hasn’t failed me yet! I trust it will be a blessing to you:

1. Pray about it.

2. Think about it.

3. Talk to wise people, but do not regard their advice as your final decision.

4. Be careful of the preferences of your own will, but also do not be too much afraid of them. It is a mistake to think that God is always in disagreement with your desires.

5. Meantime, do the next thing. Doing God’s will in the small things is the best preparation for knowing it in the big things.

6. When decision and action become necessary, go ahead and do it.

7. Don’t reconsider or second-guess the decision or action when you’ve finally acted upon it.

8. You will most likely not find out until long afterwards how exactly is was that God was leading you.