The Value Of Pastors

In the early morning hours of December 3, 2009 I had the most amazing dream from the Lord. In this dream, Lisa and I were at a vast construction site where a large number of crews were demolishing buildings. There were many, many buildings at this site, and they were buildings of all different kinds and sizes. There were large and medium-sized buildings, like office complexes, and there were medium and smaller-sized buildings, like houses. There were also even smaller buildings, like garages and sheds.

We drove up to one particular shed-sized building, and the worker operating the demolition equipment had just begin knocking the building over. Lisa and I approached the building and motioned for him to stop, which he did. We then proceeded to remove the door from the doorframe of the building being knocked down.

The worker in the cab of the wrecking equipment machine inquired of us the reason we were taking all of the doors out of these buildings. I told him that these doors were still good and still very useful. We carried the door back to the large flatbed truck we were driving, which had a great number of doors stacked upon it that we had salvaged from other buildings. We then drove towards another building that was in the process of being demolished in order to save another door.

After I awoke, I began to pray for understanding. The Holy Spirit led me to John 10 where Jesus spoke at great length regarding doors of the sheepfolds, good shepherds, and sheep. The Lord showed me how churches, the houses of God, of all kinds and sizes were being systematically destroyed throughout our land and that the pastors, the doors, were in danger of being destroyed with them. But it was not God’s will that they be lost in the destruction, because they were still good and useful for His purpose. I knew in my heart of hearts that there was coming a time of helping wounded preachers. Thank God for dreams and visions!

Please continue to pray for and support the men and women called and anointed of God who carry the mantle of ministering to God’s people. Even when a church crumbles, these pastors are still good and useful and precious to the Lord!